Speaker, Tutor and Mentor

I have spent my life explaining things to people – doctors, academics, students, patients, friends and my children.

With degrees in Mathematics, Medicine and Computer Science I have mostly translated from one discipline to practitioners of another.

I have an inquisitive mind.  I enjoy keeping up to date with advances in Scientific, Medical and Mathematical subjects.  I use this information to give fun tutorials to young people who aspire to high achievement in those topics.

They want to go to elite university colleges to study academic subjects – I attempt to give them the kind of width of vision you see if you sit, amazed, watching University Challenge.

I became a speaker by accident – having developed an interesting base to expand sessions from boring recipes to more interesting stuff.  And the interesting stuff accidentally led to me giving chats to older groups – WI, Cruise ships and other groups in our area.

Mentoring developed from my GCSE and A Level successes.  I continued to be in contact with and support the work of my students.  In return, they give me clues as to where the most interesting developments are happening and that leads to the development of material for my presentations.

My sessions are engaging, amusing and informative about stuff that people find interesting and provoking.

I would be very happy to come and present to your group, to tutor you or your children or mentor you through difficult academic periods of your life.




More information about my talks can be found on Dianne Mannering’s site.