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Dr Tony Tutors

Experienced Tutor, Mentor and Lecturer

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Be Inspired To Succeed

My students have fun, experience light bulb moments and succeed at their examinations.

I believe that nearly everyone can achieve good grades.  My students do.

Join us!

Social Learning

Students share within their class to improve understanding.

Problems that prove hard are discussed and learnt from.

Parents (or payers) can see progress as you improve.

Easy to Use

Free assessments guide you to your tuition level.

Lessons and tests available on all devices.

Repeat tests till you know how to answer.

Why you'll love us ?


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You'll love being tutored

Dr Tony Tutors in a way that provides more. 
Better understanding. Better techniques. Developed curiosity.
Better note taking. Better revision.  More relaxed in examinations.

Look forward to results day.

11 to 13 GCSE A Level & IB

Revision is My Speciality

The Effective Way To Learn

Dr Tony Tutors students by tailoring the tutoring to their needs. Effective work guided by tutoring experience produces first class results.

Accurate Diagnosis

Great design, lots of options and the author continues to update this awesome system and theme. It´s so worth it!!

Specific Goals

It is important to be clear what your goals are.  Some aim for the stars, others just want to pass Maths.

Being clear about your goals greatly simplifies your study program.

Clear Plans

How often will you work?  What will you do?  How can you measure your progress?

The plan we agree does all this and more.  Students who are engaged in interesting activity are more motivated, happier and obtain better results.


Students learn from their errors.  Support through the learning process is essential.

From light touch to intensive a range of options are offered.


It is good to have a plan. But all plans break immediately. The tutoring is flexible and your needs are catered for.

Dr Tony does sleep but mostly you will be accommodated.

Quality Lessons

Students have to learn new material.  But how they present it in an examination is critical.

Understanding how to present their responses is the path to excellence.


Why choose Dr Tony as your Tutor?

  • Popular Courses
    The courses cover a wide range of requirements.  If you want more, please ask.
  • Best Instructors
    Dr Tony drives this service but there are others behind the scene monitoring the online courses.
  • Variety of Subjects
    Most subjects studied at school and before University are covered.  If one isn't, just ask.
  • Leaderboards & Contests
    Measure yourself against other students on our leaderboards.  Be brave and pit your skill against the others.
  • Badges & Certificates
    Show off how well you have done.  Share your Badges & Certificates on social media.

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