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Create a free website for revision

If you follow these instructions carefully you will create your own revision website.  Update your website after each new topic and you will create a priceless resource for study nearer to the examination.  It will be a website which is also visible to me.

If your friends also do this you can share information across sites and access other websites too.  All you need in one place.

It may help to print this page to use as a reference tool during the site build.

Initial set up

1. Go to  
2. Click on Get Started Now.
3. Type in your full name and email address.  A school address is prefereable because you will be able to use it while at school.  Another address which you can use at school is also acceptable.
4.  From My Yola, click on Create new site.  You can create up to 5 new sites with a single email address.  They could be your A Level subjects.
5. Choose Blank Site from the list.  This will allow you to create your own pages as you want them and to include any material you want.
6. Give your website a name.   Something like [Your name’s] [Subject] Revision works well.   For your name do not use your full name but pick your forename or a nickname.  The idea is to be visible to me but anonymous to other internet users.
7. Select one of the styles to make your site suit your taste.

Create some content

1.  Start to create content.  You always start with a Home page.  There are widgets in the right pane for you to use.  Start simple.  Pull the text widget onto your page and type a short introduction in the box.
2.  Now you need to decide on the design of your pages.  The next few points describe how to go about managing your design.
3.  Columns – there is a widget in the right sided pane for columns.  You do not have to use it but drag it on the page and set up your columns.  Drag the dividers to resize the columns.  You can put columns inside columns.
4.  Pictures – there is a picture widget in the right pane. Drag it on to your page and insert the image.  Please respect the copyright laws either by ensuring it is copyright free or that you acknowledge the source.  Simply STEALING images is not allowed.
5. Other widgets – files, videos or sections of source code can also be inserted.  There are lots of widgets you can use.  Be inventive to make your site as useful as possible to you and others who know about your site.
6. Style – colours, layout, background images, navigation and other aspects can be changed at any time by using the links on the top of the page.  When adjusting your style please do use well know sites as your guide.  They look like they do because that works.  A deep purple background with orange bold text will soon become tiring.  But, the good news is,  you can change it easily.

Publishing your site.

1.  Your site will not be seen until you publish it.  While building it you can have a sense of what the result will be but until you actually publish it you will not be able to see how the world will see your masterpiece in their browser.  Use the button “Publish to the web”.
2.  Choose the free domain name option.  Something like  will do.  First you must not use your real name   Second you have to check that it is available.
3. You can now visit the site.  I yoyo back and forth between the published and the design version making tweaks until I am satisfied with the result.  Remember SAVE every change you make.
4.  Now you can write the text of your revision web site.  All in your own fair hand – no plagiarism please.
5.  Perhaps you should think about the structure for each subject first.  Usually the syllabus offers clear guidance.  Then you create the pages, and perhaps the subpages.

June 17, 2018
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