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Post Graduate Tutoring

Post-Graduate students ask for help with assignments and statistics.  We have assisted in this area for some decades and would be happy to assist if you need support.  An example may help.

An Architecture Post Grad was considering the impact of urban trees on flooding in a Mediterranean location.  The question was “What is the surface area of the leaves on a plane tree?”  There was – at that time – no literature on the subject.  It was suggested that the student lay on her back under plane trees in Hyde Park.  How many leaves were there, on average, between her and the sky?  Multiplied by the surface area of the tree’s shadow on the ground that would estimate the total leaf area.   Some 2 years later an American paper reported the measurement of the surface area of every leaf on a tree (!) and their result agreed with her estimate to 2%.

We enjoy this kind of challenge and, sometimes, can be really helpful.  Presentation, Statistical Analysis and Reference Management are more common requests.  Always happy to say when I cannot help.

To find out more please contact me using this form which opens a new page.

August 18, 2018
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